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Is there anything valuable that this tiny central African country can offer an adventure-seeking tourist?

The answer is plenty.
Burundi provides a range of exciting holiday opportunities for both the adventurous and the lazy sun-bathing tourists.

Because of its geographical position, the country has a combination of flora and fauna which can be found in the east African region, the Zambezi region and central Africa. The variation in altitude, which ranges from 780 to 2,666 meters above sea level, allows the forming of a variety of different environments. Burundi is naturally a very beautiful and scenic country.

Burundi is not a wildlife destination, although there are national parks with a few species of animals and birds. It is a place where travelers, after a long East African Safari, are happy to rest along the shores of the second largest lake in the world; Lake Tanganyika.

Culture and heritage are well observed and passed on from generation to generation. The combination of a few nature adventures with a cultural Burundian Drum performance offers the best relaxing itinerary in East Africa. And within easy access to the rest of Africa, Burundi is a good add-on to a traditional safari


Rwanda is a lush green country known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills.” Comprised of mountains, hills, rainforests and villages, this land is a small land locked country and home to one of the most incredible animals you will ever see; the Mountain Gorillas.

Rwanda is not a Big 5 safari destination, although the three national parks are inhabited by an abundance of animals and birds. It is a place for active travelers, happy to pay for the exclusive privilege of observing the great apes in their natural habitat.

The once-in-a-lifetime gorilla trekking experience is the main reason for visiting Rwanda, but the friendly locals, interesting villages, good hiking, and beautiful scenery make it a great place for active travelers.


Famous Tour Spots


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